Lady Lara 20:18 03 Sep 04

I have Tiscali BB and have a post on Ethernet and Networking. Now I wonder what the difference is between ASDL and DSL is. Having looked around I see the options but wonder if it is the same thing. Is there a difference?

  bremner 20:22 03 Sep 04

A good place for info of this kind click here

  Gongoozler 20:25 03 Sep 04

ADSL is short for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. This is the same as DSL, except that the downstream speed is greater than the upstream speed. This works well for most users who will do a lot more downloading than uploading.

  Lady Lara 20:34 03 Sep 04

So will a DSL Mode Router work on my ADSL Broadband line?

  Dorsai 20:36 03 Sep 04

So it depends on what you are doing.

most poeple spend most of their time downloading. so having a line that is faster downloading to them is a good idea. OK, so it's slow uploading, but then they upload (send) only small amounts of data (slowly)...IE 'down load this site' and then the site arrives (fast)....

If you spend most of your time sending data, then DSl with the speed split 50/50 might be a better idea.

Horses for courses etc.

  Lady Lara 20:43 03 Sep 04

A Thought. If I get an ADSL Router with modem included can I then dispense of the Modem supplied by Tiscali? I spend time doing downloads but do not spend a lot of time at it.

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