Ascertain the colour used on another website

  kumo22 21:20 25 Feb 07

Is there a way to find out the colour used on someone else's website


  PurplePenny 21:28 25 Feb 07

Look at the source code. If it uses CSS you will have to look at the head of the document to find the CSS path. Type that into your browser and you will be able to read the CSS.

  bennyhillslovechild 21:36 25 Feb 07

As PP said above, or you could use a freeware colour picker that will tell you the colour on any part of the screen you click on, normally giving the hex, rgb and cmyk colour values.

There's one here: click here

Or another here: click here

but there's loads out there - do a google search for freeware colour picker (or possibly color, thanks the the large amount of americanese spelling when it comes to html and css)

  kumo22 22:53 25 Feb 07


I went for the colour picker option. This works very simply

click here


  kumo22 14:08 26 Feb 07


Can you explain please in a little more detail what you mean and I how I go about it.

Is there such a thing as a "font picker" to identify fonts used in the same way that the colour picker works?


  bennyhillslovechild 14:25 26 Feb 07

Mike - most websites use safe, generic fonts for their text, as browsers use the fonts on the client system. So times, verdana, arial, georgia etc. If you see other fonts on a page they are normally put there as images to ensure all users see what the designer intended. If you need to determine what some of those fonts are you can upload a image or an url of that image to "What the Font" click here which then scans that pic and tries to determine what the font it. I've had success with it about 80% of the time.

Hope this helps a bit.

  kumo22 15:29 26 Feb 07

Thank you.

I had actually seen that site and forgotten about it. Thanks for the remeinder.


  Trance-Addict 01:25 28 Feb 07

I'd personally use "Print Screen"...

Open Photoshop, and use the colour picker tool to get the hex code.

  TomLinny 13:40 15 Mar 07

I agree with Trance-Addict that is the quickest way but obviously you need photoshop or similar

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