Arrgghh Hard Drive Help Required!!

  comicgenius 18:28 06 Sep 05

My hard drive has failed, so i decided to get a newer bigger hard drive. so i bought a brand new 80 Gb drive. I removed the old hard drive and replaced it with the new drive, quite easy actually. This is when i became an idiot! I have 2 pc's and placed my operating system from my other computer when i switched it on, as I said idiot. Now the computer with the new hard drive starts up giving me 5 options( none of which work)
1. Start in safe mode
2. Start in safe mode with networking
3. Start in safe mode with command prompt
4. Last known good configuration
5. Start windows normally


I think I need to formatt the hard drive again, however have no idea how to do it without being in windows.

  unbent 18:37 06 Sep 05

well...ok...on that page start windows normally..
thats a normal screen that pcs come up with...lets u get into the computer to add or remove files that may be stopping the comp Start windows normally
if that fails...(it shouldnt) then go in under safe mode...ther u can use all disk drives to put on drivers an things..

  wobblymike 19:25 06 Sep 05


Have you resolved or do you still have a problem?

  comicgenius 19:50 06 Sep 05

nope all the responses do not load windows
relly would like to know if we can format the hard drive from outside windows ie pressing delete before the boot up?

  AndySD 19:52 06 Sep 05

What operating system do you intend to use and do you have the cd?

  comicgenius 19:54 06 Sep 05

have windows xp and yes i do have the disk. the problem was i loaded the wrong disk i replaced the hard drive

  Strawballs 20:00 06 Sep 05

If you have a windows instalation disc then go into the bios by watching as it boots up and it will say press delete to enter start up or something similar and go to advanced settings and set boot to CD Rom first then put your CD in the drive and reboot and follow instructions and when it asks if you want to format the drive say yes to remove the other attempt at putting on windows. If you do not have a copy of windows then you don't have a licience to use the windows from your other machine so you will have to buy one.

  VoG II 20:01 06 Sep 05

Here we are with pics click here

  comicgenius 21:04 06 Sep 05

i understand most of what i'm being told to do. The problem i'm having now is when i get into bios what settings do i put so i can install/remove windows?

  VoG II 21:08 06 Sep 05

Just set it to boot from the CD drive click here

  comicgenius 21:24 06 Sep 05

have tried all the possible options getting really confused and frustrated. tried the following options CD/DVD 0,1,2,3 AND ALSO
USB CDROM NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK!! keeps saying not found?? the going back to the screen (see 1st message at top) options 1-5 HELP!

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