Digital 20:23 12 Jun 05

I can play the spoof "Armadillo" video but how can I copy it to a DVD - if that's legal?

  Joe R 20:26 12 Jun 05


If you are playing it in WMP, click on File-Save as, and save it to your hard drive.

Depending on which format the video is in, you may need to convert it to dvd first, before burning.

  Digital 20:37 12 Jun 05

Thanks Joe R. I'm using QuickTime & the options don't seem to offer that. Can I force the video to use WMP (W98SE OS)?

  Joe R 20:38 12 Jun 05


try right clicking on the file and use the "open with" command, and steer it to WMP.

  Joe R 20:39 12 Jun 05


This will only work if the video, does not have a .mov extension.

  Digital 20:50 12 Jun 05

Thickhead here can't even find the video/movie! Any ideas?

  geewis357 20:57 12 Jun 05

All I did was to copy it to hard drive and used NERO to creat a VCD to a normal blank CD, when finished I poped it into the DVD under my TV and hey presto it worked (don't know if its legal or not)

  Eastender 22:38 12 Jun 05

You can download various formats from click here including an ISO image ready for burning.

  Eastender 22:42 12 Jun 05

In case you can't remember the original, you can view it when you click here

  roy 23:31 12 Jun 05

Bookmarked. Thanks.

  Digital 14:29 13 Jun 05

Thanks Geewis & Eastender. I've downloaded the DVD version, now I'll just burn it....

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