Ariel for Radio/TV card ?

  Burtonswindow 14:16 07 Jun 03


I have just got one of the above cards and was wondering is there such a thing as a GOOD Ariel out there, one that seems to get a better reception than any other ? I could do with one that has both the radio and tv connecters on so that I don't need to swap it about when listening to the radio if I want to watch the telly.

Or is this a coat hanger job ?

Cheers to all

  MartinT-B 14:35 07 Jun 03

Link doesn't work!

It's the philips sbcTT320

They make about 6 and other companies such as Belkin do too.

Product Features & Benefits

Noise Reduction
Greatly improved picture and sound quality

The ability to improve a weak signal. The higher the number the better

Wide band amplifier
Improved amplification across the complete signal range

Orientable dipole
Improves fine tuning in mountainous and poor signal areas

Antenna signal cable
No need to buy additional cables or adapters, ready for use

Ext. supply (12V DC)
Ideal for home, boat, caravan and camper

Telescope aerial
Improves VHF reception

  vinnielo 14:59 07 Jun 03
  BillEmm 15:06 07 Jun 03

I assume you mean an aerial.

I use a branch off my normal TV aerial with an UHF/FM splitter. Works just fine.

If this affects your TV signal then just install an aerial amplifier.

Apologies for being clever!

  graham√ 15:47 07 Jun 03

You will get free good advice if you have a local 'aerial shop'. They will know which transmitters to aim for at your location. If it is a poor signal area for TV or radio, or both, you will need seperate aerials pointing in different directions. It's not an exact science, you can't just stick an aerial up and put a massive amplifier on it.

  graham√ 09:13 11 Jun 03

Second thoughts, if you have Sky hook up to that. You'll get TV and Radio on one connection.

  Burtonswindow 09:44 11 Jun 03

Thanks for the advice Graham I have Broadband cable with NTL, I suppose the best thing is to split off that,

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