ARGHHH just lost coursework due in tomorrow!

  coolteentom 23:40 17 Sep 07

Pleasee if anyone has got any ideas, send them this way...

This afternoon, downloaded a word document called 'A2 Coursework - LATEST' from google, which must've gone to a temporary folder, as I did not chose a location.

Have been working on it all night, just saved and closed it, and I cannot find it anywhere! I have tried searching my computer for the file in question, but.. nothing found!

Any ideas, really appreciate it,

  six-h 23:53 17 Sep 07

what search terms have you used?
You can search by File type (.jpg: .doc)or by File name, etc.
Have you tried searching by date last modified?
That sometimes throws up something.

  mrwoowoo 00:00 18 Sep 07

If you saved and closed it,would it not be in the file list when you open word.

  mrwoowoo 00:03 18 Sep 07

Sorry mis read post.
Go to download a file from the internet and see where it wants to save it to.
This should be the place your previous download went to.(hopefully).

  six-h 00:06 18 Sep 07

Click "Start" and point to "My Recent Documents"
Just had a look at the site you mention, and notice that it is a PDF, not sure if this complicates things.
If it was indeed a PDF you were editing, say so, and others may be able to assist.

  coolteentom 00:07 18 Sep 07

Hi six-h thanks for quick response, have searched My Computer (+ Hidden, System files) for both:

.Doc files and modified today, has come up with nothing relevant.

Seems as if it's gone forever. Am on Microsoft Word 2007. I can't believe it can just go, especially since i saved it and everything :(!!

  coolteentom 00:11 18 Sep 07

hi, sorry just got latest messages - and realised i said google - appologies, i meant from my googlemail. Is not in my recent documents, but will have a look at downloading a file to see if it is in the same folder.

Thankyou so much for your help, tom

  six-h 00:12 18 Sep 07

Don't give up, it must be there somewhere.
I just tried to save a page direct from the web, and it sought out a folder that I had used to store web pages!
Try the "my recent Docs" option described above, it should show up in that list, because you've been working on it.

  six-h 00:13 18 Sep 07

Were you working on it in google docs.
If so, it will be in a folder on the web!

  mrwoowoo 02:05 18 Sep 07

if coolteentom is correct then do a search for pdf files on your pc.

  mrwoowoo 02:06 18 Sep 07

sorry,meant six-h.....DOH!

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