woodchip 19:15 19 Feb 03

Having to click click click on threads to get a response plus the annoying you have got this page in error message, been having for two to three days. It's starting to do my nut in

  powerless 19:20 19 Feb 03

Nope all ok here...

If anything the site is running a tad slow but its all ok.

  Dr. Charles 19:22 19 Feb 03

Its OK here too just a bit slow but it is half term so loads of youngsters will be "Online" here too at this time, so make allowances maybe?



  woodchip 19:24 19 Feb 03

I am on just dial-up is that the prob

  Djohn 19:37 19 Feb 03

woodchip, I'm on dial-up and occasionally get the same problems, think it is just down to the amount of people accessing the site. J

  woodchip 19:40 19 Feb 03

It's the worst it as been today for some time my end

  watchful 19:41 19 Feb 03

I am on 56k dial-up and no problems except flickering mouse pointer on some pages.

  accord 19:47 19 Feb 03

im on BB and its slow, thought it would time out at one point

  bremner 19:47 19 Feb 03

Me too

On 512 BB and this site is crawling lots of errors and ages to open a page.

No problems on any other site so it seems it is a PCA problem

  woodchip 19:50 19 Feb 03

Just had to shut modem of and remove two Rnaapp's running when there should only be one

  Djohn 19:54 19 Feb 03

Yep, I too get the flickering mouse on some pages, don't know what causes it, but makes it difficult to navigate! J.

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