Are Windows Updates good.....

  <<>> 16:06 15 Jan 04

I am wandering if windows upates are good as my pal has been telling me that they fix one problem but create another, is this true?

  kentylad 16:11 15 Jan 04

They can cause problems you are right, but Microsoft swiftly act upon this to release patches.

I would suggest updating you PC regularly with Windows Update, however check for any known bugs within patches first. If there are issues, perhaps wait for the patch (depeding on how crucial the update)



  thisisnighthawk 16:17 15 Jan 04

i have a laptop with XP, it is now 9months old, and not one MS update has been put in it, it runs all day long everyday, connected via broadband. and not once has it played if it aint broke,dont fix it............

  Chegs ® 16:21 15 Jan 04

If you haven't patched your OS,then you are leaving various known exploits open.Its just a matter of time before your OS is attacked.

  Terrahawk 16:57 15 Jan 04

always advisable to update, A lot of people got caught out by the recent ms blaster worm amongst others. Those that got caught out were people who had not installed the update which would have closed the vunerability

  Southernboy 17:07 15 Jan 04

no problems that I know of.

  <<>> 17:32 15 Jan 04

Didnt the patch for blaster come ou like after most of microsoft was affected so nearly everyone got caught out?

Sorry for the debate style wording but i am getting 50:50 responce from other people aswell......

  spikeychris 17:37 15 Jan 04

If there are critical/security updates available it makes sense to download them. M$ released the blaster fix way back in July 16, 2003

  <<>> 17:41 15 Jan 04

How do you if tyhey are critical or just minor fixes?

  Terrahawk 17:54 15 Jan 04

the blaster patch update was available about 3 weeks before the worm hit
to tell between critical and recommended a critical update is usually a security fix where as a recommended is just an enhancement for existing functions

  <<>> 18:00 15 Jan 04

But how can you tell, on there site or something?

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