Are these wmv?

  algernonymous 17:45 02 Apr 07

I've transferred some images and movies from my camera to my PC, when I go to 'View' and then 'Details' of the folder they are in, the images show as jpegs, but the movies are just named 'video file'. I take it they are wmv format but how can I check?
Also, I would like to send a couple of these movies to a relative who has an Apple PC, is it OK to send them in this format or will they need converting?
I thankyou.

  wotbus@ 17:59 02 Apr 07

Try right clicking and selecting properties on the actual "video file".

  algernonymous 18:02 02 Apr 07

Yes, I tried that but it still states 'Video Clip'.

  Mark McC 18:07 02 Apr 07

Asuming your using windows xp to find out what the file really is open up a windows where the files are and then go to tools | folder options |View tab | then look for Hide Extensions for known file types... and click on it then click apply and ok now it will tell you if its .avi .wmv .divx .mpg etc and to hide the extensions just go back through the same process.


  algernonymous 18:14 02 Apr 07

Hi Mark,
Yes, sorry I should have said I am using XP. Followed your instructions but that box was already ticked?

  wotbus@ 18:24 02 Apr 07

Have a look in your camera manual and see if it tells you what type of files your movies will be saved as. This sort of thing is usually in the Specifications section but may be elsewhere. My FinePix saves movie as "AVI format, Motion JPEG.

  wotbus@ 18:26 02 Apr 07

Try hovering your cursor over the file, you may get a pop-up telling you what you want to know.

  eedcam 18:29 02 Apr 07

Dont think they would be WMV possbly quicktime which is .mov. Can you open them in windows movie maker if so you could then export as Wmv if needed
Also download this little programme called Gspot click here dont get excited its not that Gspot this is a small freebie that will identify nearly all the file formats. You can then work from there

  MAJ 18:30 02 Apr 07

I would guess, like wotbus@, that they are probably saved as .avi files, or possibly Quicktime .mov files.

If you right-click on one, choose "open with", choose the "choose program" option and open them with Notepad, you will get a load of gobble-de-gook displayed, but at the top/start of that gobble-de-gook you will see something like "qt" if they are .mov files, avi if they are .avi files, and "M e d i a V i d e o 9" if they are .wmv files. See if that helps.

  wotbus@ 18:31 02 Apr 07

The question about sending them - this will depend on their file size (in Mb). Some ISP's baulk at any attachment over 1Mb and movie files are usually large. Not sure about the Apple thing but I doubt if it could play a Windows media file so conversion may be necessary if you find they are WMF's. Best answered by an Apple owner I reckon ;-)

  algernonymous 18:33 02 Apr 07

Well done, wotbus@, manual states they are '.avi(MJPEG)'. But why can't my PC tell me that? Does yours?
And can I send these to an Apple PC?

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