Are These Dead Pixels?

  powerless 08:24 26 Mar 05

If they are, then there is lots of them.

A 300mm 'line' across the bottom of my LG TFT. Its maximum height is about 3mm and does vary across the lenght of the 'line'.

I know thre is already an 'edge' around the TFT where 'black' is present but this line goes beyond this.

A screen capture won't show it but it is 'there'. So here is a few pics of what I see...

1. Left click here

2. Right click here

3. Centre click here

4. Outer click here


  bremner 08:32 26 Mar 05

Found this which may help you decide click here

  BRYNIT 08:36 26 Mar 05

Use the menu on the monitor to adjust the vertical this will stretch the picture, if the black mark disappears down the bottom of the screen they are not dead pixels. also try monitor on another compuer.

  powerless 08:58 26 Mar 05

It stays the same when moving on the vertical and on a different computer.

1. click here [althought you cannot see it]

2. click here [down]

3. click here [up]

  Rigga 09:11 26 Mar 05

Looks like a back light problem to me.

I would send those pictures off to LG and see what they have to say.

Sorry I can't be of any more help!


  961 09:44 26 Mar 05

That don't look like dead pixels

How old is this display? If new then return to dealer

My guess would be that it could be a driver problem. Is there a new driver for the graphics card?

  powerless 10:07 26 Mar 05

2 [maybe 3] years old.

Gone through two g cards with various drivers.

Still same.

  Spark6 10:21 26 Mar 05

I have the LG L1720B Flatron and you have me worried! No sign of a black line to date.

Hope you find the answer.

  powerless 10:23 26 Mar 05

LG L1810B ;-))

It's also the same on the DVI and DSUB.

  Djohn 12:00 26 Mar 05

Definitely not pixels Powerless. I know you run your TFT at a lower resolution than native, have you tried the correct native resolution to see if it alters?

  powerless 13:06 26 Mar 05

Ok I did just that and it's the same.

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