Are Dell TFT Monitors ok

  Tick Tock 20:21 24 Jul 05

I am thinking of buying a system from dell
what do you think of their flat panel monitors.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:45 24 Jul 05

I have used the 17" and I visit a company that has the full range of Dell TFTs. They are all excellent for general use.


  Kate B 23:02 24 Jul 05

I've got a Dell 24" monitor and it's lovely.

  peter4076 08:37 25 Jul 05

I have the FP Ultrasharp 20inch Dell. only one word for it...................Amazing.

  Ivor_Monkey 08:39 25 Jul 05

Could you Dell owners say whether you have tried them for gaming? If so, is there any blurring of fast moving objects?

  Stuartli 09:14 25 Jul 05

Dell, as far as I am aware, doesn't make monitors - it rebrands specialist manufacturers' products under its own name.

Many of the 19/21in CRT monitors were rebadged Sony or Mitsubishi Trinitron/Diamondtron units.

That should answer any doubts over quality issues if it still uses such monitor products.

  Kate B 13:06 25 Jul 05

Mine is great for gaming - the response time is I think 12ms. And crikey, you should see games on it - glorious.

  spuds 14:33 25 Jul 05

As suggested by Stuartli, Dell monitors are rebadged/rebranded from major monitor manufacturers. Similar to Dell printers, which are usually Lexmark etc.

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