Are Dell conning me?

  InCog 13:09 16 Sep 07

I have just ordered a Dell Inspiron 531 PC with a 512mb nVidia GeForce 8300GS Turbocache graphics card. It came supplied with a 256mb GeForce 8300GS. When I questioned this I was told by technical support that this is the right card and the turbo facility boosts it to 512mb when fitted with PCs with 1gb or more ram. Does this make sense?

  retep888 13:52 16 Sep 07

If your pc is fitted with sufficient RAM e.g.1GB or more,you can go in bios and choose Display share memory or similar and assign more RAM for the GX card.

This may be done automatically if the PC was factory setup to use more RAM,and after you have put in extra RAM, I think you just have 512 MB RAM fitted,right?

  InCog 13:57 16 Sep 07

No - I have 2gb of ram. What I questioned Dell about was how it was possible to sell me a 512mb graphics turbocache card then provide a 256mb card and say that they're the same card...

  retep888 14:11 16 Sep 07

I don't think they have conned you,there are some lower end GX card like the one you have which only has 256 MB but boasts of 512 MB RAM (Turbocache) using shared memory.

As I said you might have go in bios and adjust the setup.

Didn't the DELL technician give any instruction at all?

  InCog 14:16 16 Sep 07

To be honest I could understand very little of what he said - the call centre is in India. I should have learned my lesson the last time I bought a Dell and had similar problems...Still, I'll get my son to check the BIOS setting as you say. It's his PC and since it's used for gaming almost exclusively, the graphics card is a key issue.

  Ashrich 14:48 16 Sep 07

My Dell Inspiron 6400 does this automatically , turbo cache cards have been around for quite a while now and this is how they work , Vista can borrow system ram even for non turbo cache cards . My 6400 has the ATI X1400 with 128mb on the card and the same borrowed .


  InCog 06:57 17 Sep 07


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