Are AGP 8x slots different?

  Totally-braindead 23:41 23 Oct 06

I saw something a bit odd today and its not something I've seen before so I was hoping someone could tell me about it.
I was looking at a AsRock motherboard with onboard graphics and wanted to fit an old AGP card into it but it didn't fit.
Now it wasn't an old card as in the older voltage ones but it was a 2x card I think, an old S3.
I was wondering if the 8x AGP slot had been redesigned. As I said I've not seen this before can anyone clarify this.

  josie mayhem 23:53 23 Oct 06

Are you sure about the voltage? As I'm only aware that if it's the old voltage then these will not fit into the faster slots...

  ed-0 23:55 23 Oct 06

A 1X or a 2X AGP card will not fit into a 8X AGP slot. The lugs on the bottom are different.

Also a 1X or 2X card needs 3.3V. A 4X or 8X needs either 1.5 or 0.8V off the top of my head.

The exception is that some AGP slots are universal. That means it will take any kind of AGP card, but you may have to alter a jumper or bios setting for it.

  Belatucadrus 23:55 23 Oct 06

click here Does this help, if it is as you say a 2X card then it could well be the old 3.3V format.
Which model card is it ?

  ed-0 23:57 23 Oct 06
  Totally-braindead 00:00 24 Oct 06

Thank you all, away to have a read.

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