archiving email

  pookie 14:21 28 Oct 03

hi - sorry if this is a stupid question.

work has emailed around asking staff to delete some email sent items/deleted items etc to clear some space. Someone suggested archiving email folders to desktop, then deleting the actual folder within outlook,and then importing to outlook if/when needed. sounds fair enough. i've read about how to do this but when you archive it it saves as a pst file - how can you view contents without importing the entire archived folder again. also, someone else suggested it is possible to have an archived folder in outlook and just drag and drop any email folders into it to archive. but surely this wouldn't free up any space as the archived folder would still be in outlook.

sorry if this is wordy.


  geeza 14:24 28 Oct 03

If you make sure that the PST file is saved on your personal drive the space is released from your outlook folder size.

  AndyJ 14:28 28 Oct 03

You can also drang and drop the emails onto a floppy or CD then delete them from your email prog if you want.

  AndyJ 14:28 28 Oct 03

drang??? I mean drag !!

  geeza 14:31 28 Oct 03

Understanding your mailbox
To free up space, it is useful to create a Personal Storage Folder (PST) which can store e-mails put into it on your personal drive, instead of within the mailbox.
Like other files stored on your home drive, the PST will use up space, so the need to remove unnecessary e-mails still exists, however PST's allow additional e-mails to be received when the mailbox is quite full, and time does not permit careful selection of e-mails to delete.
The PST, once added, is treated like any other folder in Outlook.

To create the PST in Outlook:
1) On the Tools menu, click Services.
2) On the Services tab, click Add.
3) In the Available information services box, click Personal Folders.
4) Click OK.
5) Specify the file name and location for your personal folder file on your hme drive.
6) Click Open.
7) In the Name box, enter a name for the personal folder file.
8) Select the options you want (security etc).
9) Click OK and the PST will appear in your Outlook folder list.

  pookie 10:12 29 Oct 03

thanks for the replies. I'll try what you suggest and post back if I've any queries.


  DieSse 10:23 29 Oct 03

Making an archive pst folder does not make any extra space.

It does tidy up your folders - but an archive takes up space just like the regular folders.

  geeza 11:11 29 Oct 03


I must disagree with you..If the PST file is created on the users home drive and items are then moved into it, this sits on the users home drive and not in their mailbox, Therefore freeing up space within their mailbox

  DieSse 11:30 29 Oct 03

Yes, of course you are correct - but all you are doing is moving files from one place to another, not creating more space (except on the server, if there is one - and then at the expense of space on the clients).

I also intended it to confirm pookie's thoughts about the second suggestion.

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