Applicaton File ? How To Open ??

  Aletank 10:21 12 Apr 04

I have a file which I can't open.

It shows itself as a White Box with a Blue Bar across the top.

If I click on it,It open a black DOS box(I think),for a few seconds then closes.

I've right clicked it and its a - Application File.

How do i go about opening it ??

Many Thanks

  keith-236785 10:37 12 Apr 04

I presume you are running XP, if so open a command prompt (start/all programs/accessories/command prompt)

at the c:> prompt type the path of the file you are trying to open (tip here is to put the file in drive C, then you wouldn't have to type a path at all.

once you are the correct directory, simply type the name of the file you are trying to open without its extension.

ie. for sport.exe you would just type

sport +press enter

good luck.

p.s. if you are running windows95/98/ME, then the file should open just by double clicking.

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