application placement on a multi screen setup

  bigpeta 14:05 25 Jun 10

i run 2 screens with the desktop stretched across them. One of my apps (arena chess gui) usually starts on the monitor i wish to have it on. about every 5th time i start it it opens on the other monitor and i have to manually shift it.
Is there any way i can force it to always use the same monitor?
I am an experienced comp engineer so i am quite happy to play with registry settings if required.

  Ian in Northampton 15:14 25 Jun 10

Not an answer to your question - but if you're regularly moving applications between screens, I can thoroughly recommend MultiMon Taskbar - I've used it for years, and it's great - and free (although there's now a pro version). See here:

click here

  gengiscant 16:46 25 Jun 10

Just what I have been looking for. Great.

  Dark Mantis 21:51 25 Jun 10

Shame it doesn't work on Win7 64bit

  Ian in Northampton 09:30 26 Jun 10

DM: it's those cool little pieces of legacy software that have become indispensable to me over the years that have prevented me even thinking about W7 64-bit... :-)

Gengiscant: glad to help. Just fyi (sorry to go off topic) the other piece of software I've grown to love is BoldFinger. It disables the Caps Lock key - great if, like me, you can't/don't look at the screen while typing.

click here

  gengiscant 09:43 26 Jun 10

'Boldfinger' most useful.

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