application hijack??

  palinka 22:54 28 Feb 07

I use AVG as my anti virus and sygate firewall with OS Me.
I had to uninstall AVG recently and reinstall and i think some bits of the previus installation were left behind.
I don't know if that's the reason why Sygate has detected an "application hijack".It's status was listed as "critical". When I looked at the log in detail it seemed to be AVG that was involved.
On a sepoarate occasion recently I've had a pop-up, that vanished before i had time to read it in detail but said something about "download hijacker".
AVG is up to date; I've also run spybot and a2 and found nothing nasty.
Can someone explain all this please.

  anskyber 23:08 28 Feb 07

Did you use add/remove programs to uninstall AVG? The program comes with its own uninstaller to get rid of all the elements click here

You may have to reinstall for the uninstaller to work. You may need to check the uninstaller for Me compliance.

  palinka 09:03 01 Mar 07

thanks, I'll try that.

  palinka 14:18 04 Mar 07

haven't seen the pop-up since starting the thread; may have been connected with re-installing sygate: it had to "learn" again which progs can access the internet and one was denied access. Maybe that was the problem.
Consider it resolved .

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