The Dazza 13:37 04 Nov 04

I've been doing some reading about Networks and I keep coming up with the word "application". Can anyone explain to mne exactly what it means, what is a Netowrk application?

  recap 13:57 04 Nov 04

It's just another term for a resource on a network say for instance: Microsoft Word, Excel etc. Any program that is available on a network. It is eaiser for an Administrator to publish/assign a program from a server than it is for him/her to go to each individual computer to install it.

  cherria 15:00 04 Nov 04

A network application is one where different components of the application reside on physically seperate machines that are linked by a network.

a common version of this is what was called client server computing, now more commonly know as n-tier architecture where you would have a database server on one machine, an application server on another machine and a client sitting on the desktop of the end user.

The client would send requests to the application server over the network, which would formulate database queries to submit to the database server over the network and then results would come back the other way to eventually be displayed back on the client.

I think what recap has described is a stand alone application which just happens to be accessed over a network.

  recap 16:16 04 Nov 04

Yes cherria, you are correct. I think I saw the word application and not the whole question.

  The Dazza 17:43 05 Nov 04

Thanks cherria, that helps.

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