Appeal for advice and bits on PC build

  Never again 00:57 05 Jun 05

Please forgive me if I am barking up the wrong tree here, but I am rather foolishly trying to repay a favour.

My "hobby" is tring to fix pc's and I enjoy the challenge although I have never done a self build.

My friends daughter is going to secondary school in september and would benefit from a pc but we are very short of cash.

In the persuit of my hobby I have obtained the odd bit of kit including pc cases, some sdram, a drives, celeron and p3 processors, cd roms and power supples, keyboards and the odd rodent, but no motherboards, etc. If its been built by someone then I've probably taken it apart to see how it works.

If anyone has the odd bit of kit that they are going to bin and would care to donate it to me instead then would they please contact me via my envelope and I will refund your postage, and I promise that it wil have a new and useful lease of life.

FE please accept my apologies in advance if my thread is inapropriate and feel free to delete it or move it to another forum if you see fit.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

  Terry Brown 11:34 05 Jun 05

The problem is mopst components are very time limited, I would suggest you go to EBAY click here and search there. Motherboards are very cheap, and you should be able to pick up an old system for a few pounds, or try your local second hand shops, put an advert in the local paper (most are free for under goods valued under £25).

  wednesday 13 11:35 05 Jun 05
  Never again 19:39 05 Jun 05

As I stated above I'm not even sure this thread should be here.

I'm going to follow the ebay route rather than pay for new components, although it did appeal to me to give a new lease of life to something that was going to be thrown away, rather than be sold.

Thanks again - I'm going to tick as resolved as the more I read the thread the more I feel embarassed about it!!

  Joe R 19:49 05 Jun 05

Never again,

be careful following the Ebay road, i've seen a lot of postings in this forum, concerning faulty hardware from this site.

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