aol wireless speedtouch576 - got connected

  bluedoughboy 10:51 30 Dec 06

i've used these fourums a lot over the last few days trying to find a solution, so i thought i'd put this up. loads of people seem to have had the same problem getting connected, with the laptop finding the router but with limited or no connectivity.
i stumbled across this.
ignore the aol set up disc and get the driver for the router from aol (probably keyword broadband or something), go through the install process, it appears the same as the aol setup disc but it will give you a 20+ wep code, write this down. input the network name and thirteen digit password.
when your laptop wireless software identifies the signal and gives you the option of connecting to it, don't use the thirteen digit password, but put the wep code in insead, and it should connect. i don't know if this will fix it for everyone, there seems to be so many problems with the system.

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