AOL and Wireless

  PUNKA 18:25 10 Jan 04

Hi,Anyone out there have AOL connected to Wireless, I have heard that this can and cannot be done in different discussion rooms. If it can and anyone out there can tell me the set-up they are using great, if not time to dump AOL.

All advice greatly appreciated.

  vinnyo123 23:09 10 Jan 04

honestly I don't use AOL but I cannot see why it shouldn't work with AOL.It should be an IEEE standard for all companies to use TCP/IP ...I believe all browsers will work with wireless .....I can't believe Aol would make it difficult to do this .....

  gold 47 23:43 10 Jan 04

I do use AOL broardband,AOL use different protocols and don't work with some routers and of coarse don't support them THEY SAY,i use two Speedtouch modems they work well but one computer must be powered down.

I have brought the router matter up with them i have been told there will be a release of what will work and won't later this year.

  vinnyo123 00:31 11 Jan 04

don't know about using different protocols,but all OS systems use the same protocols unless the internet wouldn't exsist.On LAN we can get Windows,Mac's,Linux's to comunicate with each other .I still cannot believe Alo cannot operate on a LAN or Wireless.I wish I had time to do it but have enough problems in my own studies lol.....

If you have the equipmenyt already try it or just drop AOL and use the equipment with another ISP.

  Djohn 01:00 11 Jan 04

click here Try this for AOL networking.

  vinnyo123 01:10 11 Jan 04

still can't see why you cannot use windows ICS,or use a router as a gateway and browse internet..

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