AOL v. Wanadoo

  PEEBEE04 15:14 29 Jul 04

AOL broadband =£23.99 per month ( that is my package)
Wanadoo + £17.99 per month ( both for 10x faster service)
I would like to hear some opinions on Wanadoo BB if anyone uses it .
Thank you.

  pj123 17:01 29 Jul 04

The Wanadoo package at £17.99 is restricted to 2gb per month. If you reach that limit before your next billing you can't log on again until the start of the next billing period. AOLs package is unlimited. click here

  Mango Grummit 17:03 29 Jul 04

I have used AOL for yonks so you need to take into account I'm a tad biased I suppose.

Son-in -law just got bb in his area and is with Wanadoo (new machine with ISP installed -- how I detest machines with OSs and other stuff installed, never makes for a sound set-up) -- to me Wanadoo is awkward and cumbersome by comparison but as I say, my opinion may be coloured.

  PEEBEE04 18:50 29 Jul 04

'nough said -I am staying with AOL.Cheers

  Cesar 09:09 30 Jul 04

Have you upgraded to AOL 9.0 It's the best version they have produced.

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