AOL using TCP/IP

  oldnewbie 11:33 23 Apr 08

AOL has started using TCP/IP to connect to the net rather than DSL. after update.
Taking a long time to sign on now and if i leave pc idle or run A squared for instance.
I loose Aol connection and have to sign on again.
I am running Windows xp sp2 home edition.
BT Voyager 105 modem.

  feb 11:51 23 Apr 08

The next time it disconnects have a look at the modem and let us know wether the three lights are all showing green or if one or more is flashing

  oldnewbie 12:17 23 Apr 08

Thanks for your help.
I have to go to work now.
So when it happens again i will post again and let you know.

  oldnewbie 12:18 24 Apr 08

Sorry for delay in getting back to you.
When i am online the first 2 green lights are on all the time the 3rd one flashes on and off.
When it disconnects the first 2 lights are still green but the 3rd one is not lit up or flashing at all.
It seems since this TCP/IP to connect to the net rather than DSL. after update.
Aol have decided to switch off after being idle for a while
Which means i loose anything i was looking at.

  feb 17:26 24 Apr 08

Try the following and let me know if it is any better

1. Close all open programs, sign off AOL.
2. When offline, with the AOL window open click F1
3. Click the + beside Resolving Problems, then click Solving common AOL problems.
4. Click I get disconnected from the AOL service
5. Close all programs (including AOL) and click Continue.

  oldnewbie 10:30 25 Apr 08

Computer still loses connection with aol when left idle.
Having more trouble signing on now, takes ages sometimes.
Waiting for a disk to come from aol shall get some help and try and reinstall aol.
I would change providers but i get it that cheap from aol i can't better it.
Aol has been ok for me. Its just when they seem to do there updates and switching over everyone seems to suffer.
Many thanks for your help.

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