AOL turn off at midnight

  ric007 00:14 21 Nov 08

I am an AOL user, every night at exactly midnight, one o'clock in the morning during BST, it disconnects. AOL cannot or will not fix it and local 'experts' do not know why, Any ideas?

  MCE2K5 00:19 21 Nov 08

Does your Central Heating turn off at that time, maybe.

  ric007 08:28 21 Nov 08

The answer is 'no' and there is nothing else in the house that turns on or off at that time.

  jolorna 09:57 21 Nov 08

have you asked any other user of aol who lives close to you to see if they have the same problem, if so they might be working on the exchange at that time

  feb 10:42 21 Nov 08

Which router are you using and which firmware?

  ric007 14:29 22 Nov 08

1) I have only 5 immediate neghbours, none of them are on the internet! 2) AMD Athlon XP 2700 512 Mb. 3) The Router is a Netgear DG 834 G, v2

  hubdean 14:36 22 Nov 08

is there a setting that is set to turn off at this time.
have you looked at everything parent controls ??
some hidden setting somewhere

  feb 15:17 22 Nov 08

This seems to be a fairly common problem and not just with AOL or this router click here

  Sean.f 21:11 22 Nov 08

BT do auto tests at night it could be this, I am a rail telecoms worker and many times I have had to contact BT to get them to remove rail numbers from the test, it has caused problems with phones lines and modems. With my own set-up at home I can here my router click when the tests are done 21:00 ever night but my connection never drops out.

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