AOL running ssllllooowwww!!!

  giggsy 20:46 28 Mar 06

Hi guys. I'm running AOL broadband silver (512kbps), but over the last few days my connection seems to have slowed to a crawl. I've done a bandwidth check and that came back ok (I use OnSpeed so maybe that skewed the results?), and I've scanned with adaware, spybot, and spyware doctor. All returned nothing. Is anyone else running AOL broadband experiencing any slow down, or is it me?! Running xp pro btw, using firefox. Thanks.

  phil46 16:52 29 Mar 06

No problem here,have you cleared your AOL browser cache?,Why are you using onspeed i thought that was for dial up?
Might be better if you uninstalled AOL reboot and do a search for AOL files delete them and do a reinstall.

  SANTOS7 17:01 29 Mar 06

Onspeed is an alternative to broadband, used with dialup connections, so i'm not sure why you are useing both, it maybe the answer to your problem....

  anchor 17:10 29 Mar 06

phil46: Yes, OnSpeed is also for broadband.

click here


I don`t use AOL, so cannot comment on their speeds. I suggest you check with AOL if your phone line will support a 1Mb connection?. If so, ask them to upgrade you. The £36/year extra cost would be partly covered by the £25/year you pay to OnSpeed.

  Diemmess 17:50 29 Mar 06

Have been on silver for nearly a year (downgrading from Gold) Behind the scenes Aol doubled the speed for Silver and Gold, (well they promised)
In fact I was stuck with 500 until I used snail mail to complain

Aol use this program click here when checking speeds with a customer

Try that software. I eventually had to write snail mail to make them act and get me away from the 500mbps
If you are using a Voyager filter there is a configure program installed which will tell you what is the top speed your line can manage.

But why not use Aol exclusively, as SANTOS7 says it may be a factor.

  phil46 19:35 29 Mar 06

Remember one of AOL's bitter pill's change your broadband package and you have signed up for a new one year contract.

  Diemmess 19:50 29 Mar 06

True - as even when I DOWNgraded last year. My complaint about insufficient warning resulted in one free month.

This speed improvement occurred after I had written a "more in sorrow than anger" letter.
A techie phoned me and did switching things at his end, until success and the unexpected, but welcome news that my tariff has been reduced to £15.99/month henceforth, and no extra year sentence!

  giggsy 21:54 30 Mar 06

I was a bit wary of using OnSpeed to be honest, but as my line is naff and miles away from the exchange, the max speed I can get is 512KBps, which is why I decided to try OnSpeed. To be honest I haven't hand any problems with it until my connection has slowed down recently. I tried the speed test you gave Diemmess both with and without OnSpeed. Both returned similar results with OnSpeed acceleration at minimum. Might try it again at max and post back result.
I'll try clearing the cache as well.
Thanks for the help/suggestions everyone!

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