JayDay 14:37 06 Jan 05

A friend is using AOL at home (dial-up). She has an account along with Mum, Brothers etc.

She is moving to her own place soon and was asking whether she can just install AOL on her laptop connect to the phone line and carry on using her AOL account. Is it as easy as this? I haven't used AOL for years so can't remember much about it.

Thanks in advance

  Graham ® 14:48 06 Jan 05

If she has her own seperate account, I think she will have to register her new phone number.

  jerichobob 14:49 06 Jan 05

AOL online Help will be able to tell her if anything needs to be changed. The billing address will be different for one...

There is also an online account manager in which you can change certain billing details - change of access number etc.

Is she the main account holder? Is she expecting to still share this account with her family? Tell her to contact AOL and discuss with them.


  JayDay 14:56 06 Jan 05

Thanks. Told me it was PAYG. But it wasn't which will make a difference.

  Diemmess 14:57 06 Jan 05

For a definitive explanation she could dial Aol's freephone number.

Otherwise I think it depends on who pays the bill!

If it is Mum, your friend will not be able to use a different telephone number unless she opens a new account. As Graham ® implies the account and tel number are related.

If your friend is the present account holder then while she can re-register her new phone number, then Mum and sister will be deprived.

As she probably knows, she can use Aol as a "guest" on another subscriber's account, but long term that may be stretching friendship a bit far

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