aol problems

  talkinjibberish 18:46 05 Dec 07

hello people new on hereok, so ive been using aol now for about 7 years with very little problem indeed, earlier in the year i upgraded to a wireless router (speedtouch585) to got with a wireless adaptor in my desktop just to save on wires trailing about.
this seemed to be working okbut for the last few months when ive gone to a webpage, just before the little loading bar comes up in the bottom left of the window, it will say "waiting for https:...whatever the website is" this will be on for anything from 2 to about 10 seconds (and today a nightmarishly long time) then the loading bar starts and that isnt particularly quick.
also today my torrent client (azureus) is just getting no bandwidth whatsoever

any ideas would be much appreciated

  talkinjibberish 18:47 05 Dec 07

just saw another new thread is virtually impossible to view on my comp for last 3/4 weeks

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