AOL Media Player uses RealOne Player?

  graham√ 20:12 29 Jul 03

When I start AOL 8, I get the message 'AOL will need to install one or more files needed by the AOL Media Player to play the content you've selected. Would you like AOL to install these files now?'

If I click yes, the RealOne Player is installed. I know because I will keep getting the 'Update' icon flashing in the taskbar, which is why I uninstalled the RealOne Player!

So, does the AOL one use the RealOne program, and do I have to have both?

  powerless 20:36 29 Jul 03

Use MSCONFIG to stop RP playing god.

  graham√ 20:40 29 Jul 03

Thanks, never thought of that.

  graham√ 21:20 29 Jul 03

I took RealPlay out of Startup, but I get meithered to restore Normal startup, which restores everything!

I deleted Real before using regedit, but then I get the 'AOL will need...' message.

  Djohn 21:24 29 Jul 03

I had the same on dial-up, I just let the files install, then did a right click on the R/P Icon in sys. tray, and chose the close option. j.

  powerless 21:24 29 Jul 03

Do/did you have the option to NOT install the AOL media player?

  The Sack 21:30 29 Jul 03

AOL will not work without some form of Real player installed. Best option is install the latest version of Real One and turn owt off that can be turned off.

  graham√ 21:50 29 Jul 03

Djohn, I'll try that as soon as it pops up.

Powerless, no I didn't get the option, but I quite like it 'cus when I play a CD it tells me all about it!

The Sack, that's what I thought, bit of a cheek! Is tha from Yorkshire?

  Djohn 21:51 29 Jul 03

Yep! you are given two options use media player for on-line, and use media player for all applications, [Think that's what it is].

  Djohn 21:54 29 Jul 03

That's when you first install, it can be altered though from, Settings/preferences/multimedia.

  The Sack 21:54 29 Jul 03


There is also a media player from a company called Viewpoint that installs its self with AOL 8 and you can not uninstall it like you could with AOL 7, i think that is supposed to be the default AOL player.

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