Aol keeps Reconnecting on broadband ???

  2drewej 16:49 04 Apr 05

i have aol broadband silver broadband.

about every half hour to hour it wont let you search and then about a minute later it reconnects itself.

it was ok a couple of weeks ago.
aol has suddly changed its connection from 256kps?
to somthing like 512kps?
could that be somthing to do with it or could it be because of a firewall or somthing like that ?

  Jaklawson 15:43 30 Apr 05

I had the exact same problem as you. (I am with AOl and also had microsoft problems crashing!!
against my earlier better judgement I decided to instal SP2 (I had heard it caused sooo many problems for so many users I had l held off installing it) my logic was I had auto updates installed and thought that some of them may be referring to SP2 which wasn't there..

so I bit the bullet and installed SP2.. Hey presto AOL worked great.... no disconnects since Three weeks and no probs with Microsoft products....Wish I had done so sooner!!!! No more unstable system!!!If you have not installed SP2 go for it jack

  Jaklawson 15:46 30 Apr 05

p.s to my earlier posting AOL upgraded everyones Broadband connections to double that previously. I too was on Silver at 256mb and was upgraded to 500mb... it is free so don't knock it :) jack

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