AOL and Error 554

  bjay 23:02 02 Nov 04

All my emails to correspondents with an AOL address are being returned with an Error 554 Transaction Failed report. It is said to be a permanent error. My ISP (Broadband) is Virgin and my email is through whsmithnet (now run by
As I understand it, AOL are returning my messages because they are receiving too many through either my ISP or email provider.
Is this true? If so, is there anything I can do about it? have not been any help at all.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  SANTOS7 23:08 02 Nov 04

click here may explain a few things, good luck......

  bjay 18:26 03 Nov 04

Thank you. No suggestions as to what we can do about though? Anyone have any ideas?

  gold 47 20:02 03 Nov 04

Have you got AOL anti-spam acticvated??

Does the resticted website icon show on the bottom task bar??

  bjay 23:08 03 Nov 04

No, I don't have anything to do with AOL on my computer. Are you saying that every AOL customer has an anti-spam programme that they can turn on or off?

  SANTOS7 00:08 04 Nov 04

click here 554 errors are listed here,good luck.........

  Djohn 00:34 04 Nov 04

AOL have a very strict policy regarding spam or what their servers consider spam mail. At times they will place a block on other ISP's until the affected ISP request the block to be lifted Via the "Postmaster at AOL".

If you scroll down in the link provided by SANTOS7 to the Error 554, it will explain what happens. We had a big discussion in the forum early last year concerning this problem, even email sent out by PCA to AOL members taking part in the "Star Office" trial was being returned as spam. :o(

  bjay 21:11 05 Nov 04

I presume that if my email provider (different from my ISP) refuses to do anything, all I can do is to change??

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