AOL Dialup slow. Why?



Firstly this is not an AOL bashing post.

I have been, mostly, a happy AOL customer until lately.
My AOL dialup (can't get Broadband at moment which would/may help situation) lately is very slllooow or keeps disconnecting then reconnecting then "Goodbye" logs off!

Now this is a new problem and I'm wondering whether this is a ploy to get customers to switch to BB.
Anyone else suffering from the same problems? Am I paranoid? What can I check.

I have run AVG antivirus, ADAWARE and Spybot and there seem to be no problems.

All help/ advice appreciated.

  niknax 21:59 05 Apr 05

i too have been with aol for years no problems what so ever....until now, for the past couple of weeks it's taking me at least 30 minutes to log on!! have all the rec. av spyware etc etc.. and have 56k, and my browsing is not slow i'm using aol 9 though which i found a great improvement to 8



Thats exactly the same probs.

It took me 45 minutes to finally get on and check my email without it failing to load pages or reconnect and disconnect.

Last couple of weeks only!! Could this be BB related?

  matt1234 23:02 05 Apr 05

well i actualy had this problem but upgraded to aol bb and havnt had a loon or losing connection problem YET!!!

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