AOL Dial Up Number

  night 18:57 29 Aug 05

Can anyone tell me how one can find the number AOL Broadband uses to dial up ?

  rdave13 19:13 29 Aug 05

Clicking on AOL access numbers shows "This broadband connection does not need access numbers to connect".

  Graham ® 19:43 29 Aug 05


  PC Bilbo 19:43 29 Aug 05

Haven't used AOL for a couple years since going NTL but as I recall you shouldn't need to dial no's.Check
that all your Internet Explorer settings are correct.

E.g. under Tools .Internet Options under General tab make sure the correct AOL address is shown and then under "Connections" make sure "never dial a connection" is ticked.Also under LAN settings ensure "Automatically detect settings" is ticked.

Also Clear your browser history & see if this helps

  Graham ® 19:46 29 Aug 05

AOL connects using its own browser, not IE. (Or it did when I was a lad).

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