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  Angry Kid 22:14 05 Jun 07

Evening all,

I am seriously contemplating switching from AOL, as I am fed up of receiving poor customer support and dearer price plans compared to new customers!

However, I have a dilemma. My wife uses the 'Pub Quiz' room to hosts quizzes with her friends using Trivium. She is concerned that if we move from AOL, she will not beable to access this room.

Is she correct, or would it still be possible using a different ISP.

Your replies would be greatfully received to resolve this marital dilemma ;)


Angry ;)

  Killo Bite 23:49 05 Jun 07

all you need to do is make a note of all your Emails or mail to your contacts after the change with new email address.

Easier as even though when you have left aol for around 3 months after u will be able to log into your aol and get mails, but any saved emails will be lost when you uninstall the AOL software.

The pub quiz will work fine with any other isp.

Recomend for price if you got Sky their broadband would cost £10 month !

Personally, go and ask AOL for your MAC Code to pass on to your choosen new ISP

  Snec 01:22 06 Jun 07

The AOL Pub Quizes will only work with AOL.

As regards the price --- I too was annoyed at new customers getting a better deal than me, an AOL user for seven years. I rang to complain and was straight away offered 8meg connection, free evening and weekend phone calls, and a new monthly payment of £9.99.

Try it and see, why doncha?

  Miros 01:25 06 Jun 07

Excuse me sent you a private mail Re: Your Dilemma, hope you don't mind.

  Miros 20:21 07 Jun 07

8meg connection would this be the AOL Gold service?

  Snec 20:51 07 Jun 07

To be honest I'm not sure Miros. I don't actually have the AOL software on my puter. I used to, I've got nothing against it, I just don't find a real use for it is all. All I know is I was on 2meg and now I'm on 8, although in practice it's just under 7.

Regards, S

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