AOL - cant recieve dertain E-mails

  Thomo1 23:37 13 Dec 04

My dad has a problem.
He has AOL BB.
He has an AOL e-mail account of which he can ONLY recieve E-Mails from other AOL addresses.
I try sending him mail (Im on wanadoo). He has various buisnises attemp to send him mail but he never recieves anything.

I was there at the weekend and could not seem to find anything. Although when i tried to access the Wanadoo home page to check my mail, it would not let me into my inbox as the browser in configoured to not recieve any cookies and my inbox needed a cookie to open!!!

Are his AOL privicy settings too high. He says it is all the same as when he installed it, he has not changed anything.

In the Internet properties box the Privicy tab is set to Medium!!!

Why can he only recieve mail from other AOL addresses only??


  CHAIRLEG 23:48 13 Dec 04

In email options is only accept email from aol ticked.

  bertiecharlie 23:49 13 Dec 04

Have a look in the Settings Tab at the top of the AOL page and click on Spam controls. Make sure the "Allow e-mail from all senders" is checked as opposed to the "Allow e-mail only from AOL members."

  Thomo1 00:00 14 Dec 04

CharlieG - will tell him to check that out!!!

BertieCharlie - Allow all senders is checked!!!! I asked him earlier!

  Thomo1 12:23 19 Dec 04

Ok then just found out that ALL e-mails sent from non AOL addresses are automatically sent to the spam folder!!!!!

any ideas peeps??

  Mango Grummit 12:33 19 Dec 04

Thomo1, get your dad to go to Keyword "email controls". From there he will find it fairly easy to sort this problem out but tell him to do it using the Master Account name and - important - to ensure he hits SAVE at each step.

Then reboot to set the job in concrete.

Good luck, dads can be difficult. At least that's what my kids tell me.

Regards, M

  CHAIRLEG 18:59 19 Dec 04

Open email at the bottom right corner is spam control click on this.In the opening window is all spam controls and also links for further options.

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