gold 47 19:22 23 Nov 03

Does anyone know the VP1 AND VC1 settings for AOL
modems don't ask it's a long story.

  gold 47 20:45 23 Nov 03


As with all things AOL, ring the free helpline.

  gold 47 20:54 23 Nov 03

Spent an hour on the helpline and got no where with this simple question because it wasn't a AOL modem it's to involved to go into here.
Someone out there must have a AOL modem.

I've got a modem connected to AOL. It's a BT Voyager.

  gold 47 21:05 23 Nov 03

Thanks but what our the VPI and VCI settings
as the settings on mine are 0 AND 0.
No i have not got a AOL modem yet but my phone line is now activated for ADSL as i said it is to involved togo into here.

  ©®@$? 21:20 23 Nov 03
  denali 21:20 23 Nov 03

I had the same problem. Got nowhere with the helpline. I actually visited the AOL head office in Hammersmith. Was given a wonderful demo, even coffee, and came away with nothing except AOL will only work with BT Voyager Modems

  The Sack 23:29 23 Nov 03

if thats the case then its about time they sorted there drivers out the buckets.

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