aol broadband loses connection

  jonboy 00:15 08 Dec 04

hi i have aol broadband and every now and then it loses connection mostly if i use video messenger is the becouse i am useing my web cam in the other usb port and if so how do i do it does aol render all your other usb ports useless i am confussed at what i have beed reading pls help

  stlucia 08:41 08 Dec 04

AOL or its BB modem doesn't necessarily render all other USB ports useless. The problem probably lies somewhere else.

Further info would be useful: What operating system are you using? Is your BB modem plugged into a USB port in your PC, or into a port on a USB extension hub? When the connection is lost, how many of the green lights on the modem go off? Have you got filters on ALL your other in-use phone sockets in the house?

  Graham ® 10:14 08 Dec 04

A USB modem needs to be on a USB hub on its own, nothing in the second port, certainly not a webcam!

The modem uses 500mA, that's usually all that is available on each hub. Anything else drawing power will 'starve' the modem, and the connection will drop.

Check your hubs in Device Manager.

  jonboy 13:21 08 Dec 04

yeh i am not using a hub it just goes in the back of the pc as does my web cam i am using a p4 2.66 ghz with 1026 mb memory all the phone plugs r in place (filters)i think when it happens only 1 light is on the modem

  Urotsukidoji 13:30 08 Dec 04

try buying a powered hub, test that, and come back if it fails, should set you back about £10 tops

  jonboy 13:36 08 Dec 04

o yeh forgot too say i phoned aol up and they said it was coz i have norton av but when you look on aol help it tells you how too configer it for norton

  Graham ® 13:39 08 Dec 04

The USB hub is inside the PC, not an external one. They usually have two ports, if the modem is in one and the webcam in the other adjacent one, that's the problem.

Look in Device Manager, USB Root hub, Properties, Power.

  Urotsukidoji 13:39 08 Dec 04


lesson one with AOL.

if they don't have a clue (and 9 times out of 10 they don't) they blame norton. tell em STFU and diagnose problem properly, for info on what STFU means, see thread entitled LOL????


  stlucia 13:41 08 Dec 04

Have you checked to see if it loses the connection if you aren't using your webcam? If it works okay without the webcam, then Urotsukidoji's suggestion of a powered hub will possibly cure the problem because the hub itself will supply whatever power the modem requires.

My own AOL BB connection uses a powered hub and Win 98SE, and I have no problems with it. However, it behaves just like yours if I use Win XP home instead. Don't know why, so I just use Win 98 all the time.

  Graham ® 14:18 08 Dec 04

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak aloud and remove all doubt.

  Urotsukidoji 15:46 08 Dec 04

sorry graham, no offense meant, twas just an attempt at humour, misguided and possibly missed the mark, but there you go :o)

Though the fact about AOL is accurate. they always blame something other than what is actually at fault, the norton fob off is probably number 3 on the list at the moment.

They tried to tell me my bb was dropping due to norton, i explained to them quite succinctly they were mistaken due to the fact i could not connect to the net either side of my pix (type of firewall) or either side of my router with their supplied broadband modem. it was not until i explained what i do for a living (network installs ( I am an msce and now a ccna - no trumpet blowing intended)) that they backed down and tried to work out what was the problem and it took them 3 days to find out (BT were working on the exchange and forgot to turn it back on again or something)

as a guess i think you will find that AOL usually follow a flow chart, and that flowchart usually finishes with norton, mcaffee, bt, or the weather (no seriously) but never them.

as i said tell them it was working fine with norton previously, and so their guess it is norton must be inaccurate because the last critical norton update was for SP2, which (I assume) you have, clarification of your OS would be beneficial here.



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