AOL broadband installation

  L plate marky 12:03 14 Feb 04

I am currently on AOL dial up and I am about to convert to AOL broadband (modem arrived). Anybody any tips to ensure smooth transition? Anything needing uninstalled, Windows XP tips, built-in dial up modem advice, firewalls? (I have ZoneAlarm but AOL give you Norton)

Any advice on do's and don'ts would be appreciated

If you follow the instructions you should have no trouble.

  holly polly 12:22 14 Feb 04

gday seems strange i am on aol b/b and i wasnt aware of them giving you norton ,mcaffee personal firewall which is a free download yes ,would you kindly please ellaborate-regards -hol pol ...
ps been using aol b/b for the best part of a year i find it ok ,but be prepared for some postees giving it a slating ,you get free phone help online help anti spam pop up stopper radio ,not aware of any other isp providing all these facilities -go for it -hol pol....

  sam 12:27 14 Feb 04

Hi marky
no trouble setting broadband up
the only thing is if you have trouble with the filters try different combinations.
i had 3 filters in my box. only use one
they say you have to have a filter on every phone
but mine won`t work if i use more than one
i have a 30ft extension plugged into my telephone
socket in the hall,which goes into my bedroom
a filter is plugged into that. The BB modem and a telephone and a backup 56k modem are plugged into the filter. everything works perfectly no hassle.
I also have a phone in the living room no filter on that either.

  L plate marky 15:24 14 Feb 04

Sorry I mrant McAfee not Norton.

Sam I have a phone in the hall. The modem to a separate phone socket in the hall and Sky tv to a phone socket in the bedroom. 3 filters (one for each socket) or not?

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