Is AOL broadband fast enough for online gaming?

  Cybermaxx 15:58 14 Feb 04

I really want to upgrade to broadband, mostly to play real-time shooters and strategy games. There are, however, several different grades of broadband available. I was going to opt for the "ten times faster than dial-up" (I think it's actually 600KB) service offered by AOL, but I don't want to find out after signing up that it's too slow. I don't want to be at a disadvantage compared with users of 1 MB and 2 MB broadband. Just how good would a 600KB download speed be when playing say, Unreal Tournament?

  Jester2K 16:04 14 Feb 04

Don't worry - it'll be fast enough. 56 k CAN be fast enough but not often. 512 / 600 will be fine. You'll have no disadvantage over 1 /2 Mb because there'll be no difference.

I play MOHAA on a 1 Mb connection and I'm still a consistently rubbish....

  Cybermaxx 16:08 14 Feb 04

Thanks for that, Jester. Hey, I don't suppose you would happen to know of any games where dial-up is fast enough to play competitively, would you? maybe I don't need to upgrade.......

  Jester2K 17:03 15 Feb 04

Its not the game that affects you're online experience but the speed of the server. If you're not getting the information to and from the server fast enough no game will run well.

Don't forget the game is still played on your PC but the information about the location and position of other players has to be transmitted quickly. At 56 k this just won't be fast enough and you'll suffer "lag" (where the game pauses randomly). Its also becoming more and more common for servers to kick people with high ping rates (which you'll have on a 56 k connection) or just completely ban 56 k players.

  Cybermaxx 17:14 15 Feb 04

Yes, that fits. I've only tried out one real-time game (No-one Lives Forever) on my PC, and as well as been at a huge disadvantage speed-wise, I do keep getting booted off. My Dreamcast was far better for online gaming, and it only had a 34K modem!

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