AOL Nightmare 11:58 27 May 07

I can not set up a wireless connection using a Belkin Adaptor and AOL (Netgear Router). The AOL software CD does not recognise the Belkin. However, I have set Belkin up and the PC/Desktop appears to recognise it and says I am connected. However the Ethernest cable is still plugged in to the Router. Why can AOL not recognise the Belkni Adaptor when everything else appears to be working fine? Dave

  postie24 12:44 27 May 07

Are you using windows to manage the wireless connection or the Belkin software?

  AOL Nightmare 12:48 27 May 07

As far as I am aware, I am using the Belkin Software. The Belkin Software appears to be working fine. Its just AOL that does not recognise it?!

  postie24 20:20 27 May 07

You need to set up the router 1st,forget the wireless side of things for now,is the internet connection ok with the ethernet cable?
You dont need the AOL cd to set up a wireless connection.
Right Click on the wireless icon in system tray and try to connect to your network,you will be asked for the wep key normally printed on underside of router,enter key and you should be up and running.
Change the encryption to wpa instead of wep,its far more secure.

  AOL Nightmare 20:35 28 May 07

Hello. Thanks for this information. I have done this and I do have a wireless connection. However, everythime I unplug the Ethernet Cable, the wireless connection is lost?! So the answer to you first question is Yes, I have Internet connection fine with the Ethernet Cable.

  postie24 18:48 29 May 07

Is it a new adaptor you are using?
Do you know anyone else thats using a wireless connection just to test adaptor out.

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