PM99 18:21 15 Dec 05

After 6 goes at AOL Tech Support .... Getting Popup saying using old BT Voyager 105 drivers and AOL speed dropped as a result. I am not using old drivers and have reinstalled 6 times to prove it to AOL. They say I am set up using ppp0e but they see me as ppp0a and this must be my problem. They are about to shut down ppp0a protocol so as it's not drivers I should reinstall WIndows completely.

This seems a bit drastic! Any clues or line sof enquiry please?

  flyingbrit 21:01 15 Dec 05

Well I'm useing old drivers for voyager 105 modem and I've got no trouble with speed drop.(I know this doesn't solve your problem...sorry) If I were you I'd put the old drivers back in, because I've seen a lot of people having problems with the new drivers.

  keewaa 22:41 15 Dec 05

A friend had same problem, it was solved by downloading the new drivers spereately using keyword to find them. Then uninstall the whole modem & drivers, install the new drivers and plug the modem in again, this fixed it.

  hzhzhz 23:36 15 Dec 05

Download the new drivers. Open file. Follow on screen instructions. unplug usb cable when told etc. Ive just successfully done it. My download speed problems for the last few weeks have vanished.

  PM99 12:20 16 Dec 05

I've reinstalled drivers correctly (as suggested) several times but am still getting AOL's red popup warnings. AOL tech support say it must be my PC hence reinstall Windows. I've now tried using my other PC and the same modem etc and still get the pop-ups. Therefore can't believe it can be the PC. Could it be due to still being on AOL 8? Or could it be the modem? Or BT?! Any thoughts appreciated thanks.

  Diemmess 12:45 16 Dec 05

Although I continue with Aol the balance of swearing By-it or At-it is changing, just because all sorts of niggles like this!

I'm puzzled why you continue with version 8?
I would suggest you install version 9 asap and then take it from there.

It is no credit to Aol or the intelligence of their "agent" to use that hoary old excuse of blaming Windows and recommending reinstallation of your OS. That really is Not recommended. It indicates just how hopeless a helpline can be

Install Aol 9 first, and then see what you get.

  PM99 09:21 17 Dec 05

Thanks Diemmess. I was off line while you posted doing exactly that and guess what ... all sorted! Just installed v9.0 and everything is back to normal. Beats reinstalling Windows!Suggests AOL Tech Support don't know much about their own systems....

  Diemmess 10:02 17 Dec 05


  stlucia 11:58 17 Dec 05

I've had the problem for a couple of weeks now after formatting my drive and reinstalling Windows XP, AOL, and all other software.

I've been onto AOL helpline several times, and all they can come up with is to install the new drivers from Keyword Broadband Drivers. But that install always crashes for me with a Runtime Error (mine's a BT Voyager 100). I'm always able to reinstall the original drivers from my AOL BB CD, but then I'm still on reduced speed.

Strange thing (to me) is that if I'm not connected to AOL at the time, and I get one of my other programs to connect via BT to do an update, the icons show that I'm connected at the correct speed of 1.1Mbps. So, there can't be anything basically wrong with my modem or its drivers.

  stlucia 12:15 18 Dec 05

I've done as Diemmess suggested, and upgraded to v.9.0 but no difference except that new drivers appear to load OK but then my PC hangs at the "Helping you to connect to AOL" stage when trying to find a modem when I try to start it.

AOL Test 1 and 2 both connected okay when I double-clicked on the green arrows, so where's the problem?

I'm back on line at reduced speed by reinstalling the old drivers.

  Diemmess 19:32 18 Dec 05

Sorry things have changed again!
only thing I can think of is at the sign on screen,

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