fishmad pete 18:30 27 Sep 06

My brother-in-law used to be with AOL using one of their asdl modems. He has ceased using AOL and as now decided to go with another provider. Can he use is AOL modem with the new provider or does he need a new modem. He is still un-decided whether to go with BT or Triscli


  patsyanne 18:35 27 Sep 06

I know the modems fro AOl have their own drivers to use with AOL, he should look for a normal driver for his modem and then try it .

  Jackcoms 18:37 27 Sep 06

A USB modem is a USB modem is a USB modem.

I wouldn't advice your brother-in-law to go with Triscli, though, because they don't exist.

He should have no problem with Tiscali, however.

In any event, ISPs usually provide a 'free' modem as part of their sign-up package.

  fishmad pete 18:46 27 Sep 06

Many thanks for quick replies. Will pass information on. Will also try to do better with my spelling

Thanks again

  CurlyWhirly 12:45 28 Sep 06

I used to be with AOL but after migration to Zen my BT Voyager 100 modem worked okay but I upgraded to a router a few months ago as it is a better system for Max DSL connections.

  terryf 13:12 28 Sep 06

Consider a router, it does away with all that connecting that you get with a modem and you are on line as soon as your PC boots up

  phil46 13:43 28 Sep 06

Go to my computer Put the modem disk in the drive
right click on it that will open the CD Rom if you see divers on it click on it it should load these only and nothing else.

  phil46 13:45 28 Sep 06

Sorry should have said then click explore.

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