AOL Advice Please

  Batch 11:11 11 Aug 06

I'm not clear how AOL works these days (I tried it nearly 10 years ago and instantly binned it as it was such a pain and tried to control my Internet world). I'm trying to advise my sister who uses AOL (piggy backing on her son's AOL broadband account using a WiFi laptop).

She is about to move in to some temporary accomodation and wants to still be able to access her AOL email account (her son will be keeping the main AOL service). I've suggested that she should be able to do this via webmail (or possibly even

OE). Unfortunately she doesn't live so near to me, so it's not easy to go-look-see-try.

Does the AOL service still not use IE, but rather its own software?

I got her to open IE and go to and get onto a webmail page and sign-in, but this was using the AOL broadband service. If she creates a dial-up account (e.g. tiscali) and goes the IE route, will she still be able access the AOL webmail (or does she need to be connected via an AOL service for this to work)? This MAY seem like a daft question, but I know from my own past experince how controlling AOL want to be and so I take nothing for granted.

As an aside, I couldn't extract from her whether she uses OE. Again, does AOL not use OE (or any email client for that matter)? From talking to her, I got the impression that she accesses her email (from within the closet AOL world) using a
webmail like service - I concluded this as, when she went down the IE / webmail route, she said she could see mail she'd seen before and her address book info.

  steven_frost 12:46 11 Aug 06

As far as i know you can use IE to log into AOL if she is piggy backing on her sons laptop

  mattyc_92 12:49 11 Aug 06

You don't need ANY aol software to use the AOL service.

I am on AOL, and I NEVER use the software. I used to use the modem they gave me to "dial" the connection instead of the AOL browser. Now I use a router, and use it in the same sort of way as the Modem (but it autoconnects for me)

  vinnyT 14:02 11 Aug 06

She will still be able to access her webmail account whilst using dial-up. Once on the aol website it's just a matter of her entering her username and pword.

I don't use aol, but this is the webmail service runs, so she can access her mail from any location, ie a local library, internet cafe (from outer mongolia), etc). Also, it doesn't matter what email client she uses, as webmail accounts are viewed via her browser.

Hope this helps.

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