AOL Address book - gone!

  pj123 12:28 25 Sep 07

My friend had a problem with his XP SP2 PC.

I talked him through a System Restore and all is working OK except, he emailed me this morning saying his AOL Address book is not there anymore!

How can he retrieve it, please?

  pj123 15:14 25 Sep 07

Sorry everyone, I'm not normally this impatient but does anyone have any ideas where the address book is located.

  Pamy 15:46 25 Sep 07

I think the address book is stored on the AOL server, not your friends computer

  Pamy 15:48 25 Sep 07

look half way down this here

  pj123 17:05 25 Sep 07

Pamy, I believe you. I tried an AOL search and found the same answers.

Do I tell him he will have to contact AOL and ask them where his address book has gone?

  Pamy 17:21 25 Sep 07

Why not. Nothing ventured nothing gained

  SB23 17:24 25 Sep 07

I don't have an answer for you pj123, sorry, but my address book went walkies too, and not because of a reinstall.
One minute its there, next, its gone.
So if you don't mind I'll watch this post myself.

Is it possible its something to do with Aol themselves?

  Diemmess 17:29 25 Sep 07

This must be in the "manual" the tech chat bods use.
With something as vital as this your friend might well manage best with Live Help.

You will still have subcontinental English, but the written instructions are easier than the excitement of talking to a call centre and it is free!

I hope and suppose the Aol connection predates the System Restore he used.

  Marko797 17:32 25 Sep 07

might be able to assist ur friend.
He could also look in his C:/Programs/AOL - I think there is an Organise folder somewhere, so might be worth checking?

  Marko797 17:34 25 Sep 07

Yes, in my progs it's under AOL9a/then theres a short cut to Organize folder which lists all users.

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