aol active virus shield

  pac73 00:12 08 Aug 06

Ive just seen it on it a full av like avg,or can you run it alongside it.And do you guys think its any good.

  Belatucadrus 01:37 08 Aug 06

Looking into Active Virus Shield? reveals that it's an AOL branded version of Kasparsky 6 with a few features cut out, perhaps a few too many for my taste. click here as such it is a full AV product and should in no way be run with another such as avast! or AVG. Here are a few user reviews click here
It appears to be a years license, what happens after that is unclear. It may be that you renew FOC or maybe AOL intend to have their all singing all dancing, do it all package click here up and running by the time the Kasparsky license expires.
Despite the reduced feature list another very respectable freebie to choose from, well done AOL.

  pac73 02:45 08 Aug 06

Ive uninstalled avg,and installed aol active virus shield.I just wanted to see what its like.It cant do me no harm,can it.Reading the reviews it sounds decent.

  Belatucadrus 18:30 09 Aug 06

Worrying note on the AOL EUL documentation with the Anti Virus, part of the terms seem to indicate that the End User Support module, usually used to provide feedback on viruses and malware to the developers has been modified by AOL to act as adware giving browsing feedback to allow them and their affiliates to focus adverts and offers they send you. The EUL terms also imply that the use of the software is conditional on receiving this spam :-
"As a condition for your use of the Software, you agree to receive promotions and periodic e-mail messages from us and our Affiliates."
ie use our software and you have to receive our spam.
I've downloaded it and received the activation code, but I think I'll hold off on installing until I see what e-mails crop up.
Anti Virus with it's own built in Adware, suddenly I'm not so keen.

  pac73 18:47 10 Aug 06

I tried it for a couple of days,but it seemed to slow my pc down.Ive uninstalled it and put avg back.

  Belatucadrus 20:19 10 Aug 06

Probably a wise choice.

  LABMAN 23:39 10 Aug 06

I loaded it and the security centre yesterday and it caused me nothing but grief as I couldn't get on to MSN messenger or hotmail now it may have been a coincidence but as soon as I uninstalled it everything went back to normal........make your own mind up.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:41 11 Aug 06


  Belatucadrus 11:43 18 Aug 06

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