AOL 9.0 - problems installing

  scotsdevil 12:25 18 Sep 05

Friend having problem upgrading to AOL 9.0 from AOL 6.0.

AOL has advised him to completely remove all previous versions which he has done but every time he attempts to load new version an error message appears stating "AOL now needs to load files. Your computer must restart" and he is back to square one.

Solutions to this problem as AOL has been no help

  phil46 13:49 18 Sep 05

Have you done a search for AOL?just uninstalling
does not remove AOL,files are left behind AOL 6
is a very old version.

  scotsdevil 14:15 18 Sep 05

A search has already been done and the AOL files left are a couple of temporary internet files. He is having difficulty deleting these files. He will make another attempt

  ton 14:51 18 Sep 05

which version of windows?

  Diemmess 14:52 18 Sep 05

If the latest attempt doesn't clear the hitch then it may be best to start at the beginning again step by step......

So, first

Check there is no Aol progame in Add/Remove programs.

If he has CCleaner the use it now.

From Control Panel > Internet Options, delete both Temporary Internet files, and Cookies.

Finally do a full search for ny Files or folders with aol. When the search is complete right click every folder or file in turn and delete it.

If he is going to connect a dial-up connection, use any ordinary Aol v.9 CD

If he is going to BB for the first time, then use its own CD from the kit, but it is tedious reinstalling the modem with all the careful messages from the beginning, until at last the installation of Aol starts.

  Diemmess 14:55 18 Sep 05

Don't forget to reboot between the last of the cleaning and before he starts a fresh installation.

  scotsdevil 12:19 22 Sep 05

Thanks for tips. AOL are trying to resolve the problem but holding breath at the moment... If any one has any more tips for Windows ME and AOL 9.0 for dial-up please keep them coming though. Tried everything so far and zilch.

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