provider 2 15:44 05 Feb 07

I see that AOL 9 will not be suitable for Windows Vista and that we`ll need to instal AOL 9 VR.
I hope this is not going to be the first of a long line of compatibility issues.

  Kate B 15:45 05 Feb 07

There are lots of compatibility issues but let's not forget that they are down to the hardware and software providers, not Microsoft. It's not as if Vista has crept up on them.

  provider 2 15:50 05 Feb 07

`Afternoon, Kate B,
You`re right, of course, but i`ve been thinking the whole question of upgrading always brings with it a host of problems that are not foreseen by anyone.

  provider 2 15:55 05 Feb 07

Windows security updates screwing up HP printers, for example, or CCleaner upgrades doing all sorts of unexpected things to IE 7.

  provider 2 15:59 05 Feb 07

Or HP printer updates causing MsiInstaller to try and load a fax program that you don`t have etc.

  Snec 18:50 05 Feb 07

If you elect to connect to the internet via a router (with no AOL software installed),rather than a modem, you will then be able to use AOL with Vista.

  provider 2 12:46 06 Feb 07

I have to say I don`t understand what you have claimed. I wouldn`t have thought my method of connection would make any difference if the AOL software is not compatible with Vista.
I don`t really know enough about it I suppose.

  provider 2 12:59 06 Feb 07

I have the impression(probably wrong), that I`ll need both ethernet(or router) AND AOL VR to get Vista to run with AOL.

  provider 2 15:21 06 Feb 07

Looks as if I`ve put this on the wrong page too. Any chance of a transfer to Windows Vista, Ed? Sorry.

  Snec 22:29 06 Feb 07

The thing is, you see, that connection via a router means that you would not even have to install the AOL software on your machine, as you do have to if using a modem. You would merely be using AOL's connection and there would be no software for Vista to "disapprove" of.

  ashdav 00:18 07 Feb 07

you can connect with a modem without AOL software.
I did it for years before I got a router.

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