AOL 8.0

  giggsy 19:09 27 Nov 03

Evening folks. I have been using AOL for about 3 years now with no problems (I can hear the gasps from here). I scanned my files using System File Checker (Windows 98) a few weeks ago and it reported that some of the aol files might be corrupt. I had installed aol using a PCA cover disk, but could not get the files restored from the disk. Then this morning AOL 8.0 would not run (a dll file was missing)
I have since uninstalled AOL 8.0 and am using 7.0 as per instructions from aol. I tried to reinstall aol 8.0 from a PCA cover disk but it would not install due to a missing or corrupt file. Is it my pc, or the cover disk? Anyone else had any problems?

  goonerbill 19:32 27 Nov 03

try a different disk. have had no probs with AOL8 on my pc but used one supplied by AOL.

  giggsy 19:39 27 Nov 03

Tried three disks in total now. All of which have had problems. The first disk appeared to be ok as aol installed and ran fine until this morning, but over time the files have become corrupt. How/why I don't know. Am thinking of upgrading to broadband (with aol) but not sure if it's gonna cause problems!

  gold 47 20:21 27 Nov 03

Uninstall AOL 8 reboot and do a search for any remaining AOL files
delete them then reboot and reinstall,disable your antivirus.

  Djohn 20:33 27 Nov 03

Before un-installing version 8 do a search for files. Just type the words.

Into the windows search box from the start menu/all programs, make sure you allow for hidden files to be shown. When found, delete them, log onto AOL and it will rebuild the files for you. This should replace any corrupt files. j.

  giggsy 20:34 27 Nov 03

In the interests of aol 8.0 messing up my internet connection I am going to leave version 7.0 on my machine and add aol 8.0 as opposed to overwriting it. Will just have to keep my fingers crossed and see how I go!

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