AOL 6.0a modem problem

  Joseph-239474 11:34 21 Jun 03

I am running a computer with Windows 98 and AOL 6.0a. I have a HP OfficeJet. Whenever I try to connect with my 56k modem, I get a speed of about 26k. My OfficeJet is also connected in to the phone line (fax). Can you help?

  Steven135 11:43 21 Jun 03

Having your printer connected to the phone line should not affect your connection spead (mine didn't) unless you are trying to fax at the same time.

I now use Blueyonder Broadband but prior to that my BT phone line was split into two lines only allowing a max 28K.

I you have a single line could be you need to get BT to run a check on your line.

  Steven135 11:45 21 Jun 03

PS Have you tried removing your printer and fax? does this make a difference?

  Joseph-239474 11:56 21 Jun 03

I have tried removing printer/fax. No difference. I'll think about the line test (I have only 1 line)

  Cesar 13:17 22 Jun 03

Why don't you upgrade to AOL 8.0 I have and it's very stable and slightly faster it installs alongside AOL 6.0 and you don't lose anything of your current version in the keyword type Upgrade and read all about it.

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