GJC60 19:29 09 Nov 10

Can anyone please help? I am trying to find the telephone number for AOL help for a friend of mine. We have got the normal one where you get put though to India, but so far he has spent about 3+ hrs waiting to be connected and cut off 4 times when he asks to speak to the supervisor. Also its very hard to make your selve understood to the Indian call centres. From past experience Ireland is much more helpful. Just need the Irish call centre number if any one has it???? Thanks in advance

  northumbria61 19:31 09 Nov 10

These look like UK numbers - however you may still go via India click here

  northumbria61 19:32 09 Nov 10

Or MORE choice from this List click here

  GJC60 19:47 09 Nov 10

Thanks northumbria61 will give them to him tomorrow and see if they work.

  robin_x 20:05 09 Nov 10

Try the Yellow Pages one (under Internet service Providers). I think it is a Sales Number and if you are lucky may get through to Waterford who are much more helpful.

But that may be limited hours and it's hit and miss anyway. ie you still end up with India half the time.

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