graham12 19:36 22 Apr 07

I have AOL on my computer but have never signed up with them and upon doing a search i found 123 items to do with AOL.

Would it be possible to delete these without harming the computer as they are using quite a lot of memory


  Graham. 19:47 22 Apr 07

Yes, go ahead and delete them. AOL often comes pre-loaded on new computers.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:47 22 Apr 07

If you go into add/remove programs you will be able to remove some of it from there; it seems to come preinstalled on a lot of machines these days.

  SB23 19:49 22 Apr 07

When you say 123 items, what exactly are they?
I use Aol, and don't have that many items.
I do have 4 Aol items in my add/remove list, but thats it.


  graham12 20:02 22 Apr 07

What I did was look in add/remove and there was nothing listed so instead I did a search and found 123 files from help files,CNT files,DAT files etc these are the items i would like to delete

  provider 2 21:01 22 Apr 07

I am an AOL user and not surprised at that number of files. Frankly I`m more surprised by SB23`s claim that has only 4. I suspect he has never typed AOL into the search box or had to do a reinstall of this massive program.

  SB23 16:05 23 Apr 07

I've got 231, most of which are cookies that I clear out every few days, and are not a concern to me.

  provider 2 15:57 24 Apr 07

Most of which are cookies? What about AOL Toolbar, browser controls and settings/favourites/parental controls and settings;AOL Topspeed;AOL Anti-Spyware; AOL Instant Messenger profiles and settings; AOL Connectivity and settings; AOL Broadband Checker etc, etc...?

  Graham. 16:01 24 Apr 07

If you want to remove all AOL, do it from the Registry. Back it up first, then use Find (Ctrl+F).

  provider 2 16:05 24 Apr 07

Graham, I`ve Googled this a couple of times recently and,of course, the Add/remove and registry methods are recommeneded but others also say that the only sure way to remove AOL is by a complete re-install of XP.

  SB23 17:22 24 Apr 07

What about them?
Today I have 170, theres a small list of pages I've visited today, a few images, and a few other bits and pieces, still not a concern to me.

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